Most residents pleased with morning drug raid

Memphis police hit the streets early Thursday to take accused drug dealers out of local communities.

Police were in Orange Mound Thursday rounding up drug suspects. Most people said they're happy to get a hand from police, but others said more will have to be done to convince them things will change.

Annie Smith was sorting poke salad on her front porch in Orange Mound Thursday afternoon. She feels safe sitting out in a neighborhood she's lived in for 50 years, but she says she watches the news and hears about killing after killing.

"On TV every day and night, somebody done got killed," she said.

Her neighborhood is a little bit safer now after police rounded up dozens of drug suspects here and in other Memphis neighborhoods. 52 indictments Thursday charged people with dealing drugs on the streets of Memphis.

"It makes a huge impact on the citizens that are dealing with all these drug problems in the neighborhood," said Lt. Henry Williams with the Memphis Police Department. "It takes a lot of them off the street."

But police may have to convince some residents they're making a difference. Eric Sanders, another Orange Mound resident, said police often come through and harass him.

"They come right back through here, and pull up, and say we can't even sit on the brick wall, and this used to be our folks house back in the day," Sanders said.

For the most part, residents said they were pleased police were cracking down. Still, Annie Smith said she is prepared to protect herself.

"I be prepared," she said. "I'll try my best to be prepared if they ever break in on me."

Smith said a little help from police was appreciated.