Police say man exposed himself to an 11 year old boy and it's not the first time.

An arrest has been made in a case that had authorities across the Mid-South on the look-out for a man they say flashes children.

Police records show Ernest Langford has several prior arrests for indecent exposure to children as well as stalking. Police officials said Friday that Langford struck again last week.

"The child went into the restroom and apparently Mr. Langford was at the restroom at the time," said Memphis Police Sgt. Vince Higgins. "The boy felt uneasy. Mr. Langford approached him in an inappropriate way and he felt uneasy so he left."

The incident happened at the Marshalls store on Germantown Road April 18th, and involved an 11-year-old boy who Sgt. Higgins says later went back into the bathroom.

"While the boy was using the restroom, Mr. Langford disrobed and when the boy turned around he was there. The boy told the parent," Higgins said.

Langford's car was caught on a store security camera. Higgins said Langford was arrested Thursday night at his Olive Branch home and identified by the victim in a police picture line-up.

"We have to teach our kids what's inappropriate and tell then what to do when they notice that," Higgins said. "That's probably fifty percent of what solved this case was the parent talking to the child."

Police in DeSoto County say Langford was not registered as Sex Offender and he will be charged for that. Langford also did not show up on the Tennessee Sex Offender web site.