Mid-South minister jailed after a case of mistaken identity

A Mid-South minister was in jail Friday after a case of mistaken identity landed him there.

It has been quite an ordeal for Memphis Pastor Roscoe Perry, who has been behind bars 201 Poplar since Tuesday on a charge out of Kentucky he says is a case of mistaken identity.

It started in March when Perry was arrested, released, and then taken to jail again after a court hearing and another warrant out of Kentucky. The Kentucky warrant was in connection to carpet store robbery three years ago. Perry said Friday the ordeal has been a nightmare.

"The more I'm away from my family, the worse it gets," he said. "It won't get better until I get out. To have your freedom taken away from you for something you didn't do."

Kentucky Police say the thief used Perry's driver's license. Meanwhile, Perry said the entire matter was a case of mistaken identity, after he lost his wallet. Perry claims he has never been to Kentucky, and he held a church service on the day the crime occurred. Perry's family have been working to convince authorities they have the wrong man.

While Action News 5's Janice Broach was interviewing Perry, a surprise came from Steve Shular, spokesperson from the Shelby County's Sheriff's Department: Perry had been released.

"I'm excited," Perry said. "I'm ready to go."

The charges have not been dropped against Roscoe Perry. Rather, the District Attorney handling the case in Kentucky says at this point there is not enough evidence to hold him.

The DA is trying to get a fingerprint evidence from the scene of the robbery to compare it with Perry's, who until now has never been finger printed.

Action News 5 will keep you updated on this story.