Hundreds gather to remember Jakiria Lewis

Hundreds clustered around a pole that now marks the spot where two year-old Jakiria Lewis was killed last week by a suspected drive-by shooter.

"A young life was just taken and all the sin she did was walking with her mother," says speaker Stevie Moore.

Jakiria's mother stood on stage holding a sign reading STOP THE KILLING. Many consider her daughter's death a last straw.

"Another one of countless numbers of senseless killings," says Melanie Gillard.

Gillard spent the day making signs that were later held high during the rally and march through Cleaborn Homes. Many of those taking to the streets have had personal encounters with crime. Damon Morris lost his sister to murder.

"And over the past few months since her murder, I've been seeing nothing but senseless killings--senseless killings in our community," says Morris.

He says people coming together in the wake of yet another tragedy is a positive sign.

"It should have started a long time ago--should have started with my sister's murder--but it needs to start somewhere and if this is a starting point, let's move forward," says Morris.

Remembering murder victims, praying for peace, and shining a light on a problem some say is out of control.