One Mid-South bookstore's future looks gloom

There is no easy way to say way to sugar coat it.

So begins this letter written by Corey Mesler...owner of Burke's Book Store in Midtown.

Corey Mesler, owner of Burke's Book Store in Memphis says, "It's a sickening thought to think it's lasted 130 years and in the sixth year my wife and I own it we're in serious trouble."

The trouble began more than 4 years ago...

When retail sales at many independent book stores crashed with the Twin Towers.

Mesler continues, "People stopped coming in and began using the internet."

With rare and hard-to-find books now just a click away...Burke's Books struggles to stay competitive.

Mesler says, "We owe it to the history of the store and the let the tell them honestly we need help."

Last week, Mesler mailed out his latest masterpiece...

A touching letter letting friends and customers know Burke's is in a bind.

Burke's Book Store is in financial trouble.

In short, we are not generating enough revenue to pay our bills.

While an increase in sales will must be said that right now we need cash in the form of donations.

"Lot of tears, lot of nausea. It was was shaky. I had to talk my wife into it over many months," Mesler continues.

The Mesler's actually turned their foe into a friend...devising their donation plan with the help of the web.

Mesler continues, "In the end we did some research on the internet and found numerous independent book stores have done exactly this."

So far, the letter seems to be working.

Mesler calls Burke's daily donations generous and loving...