Tenants complain of past elevator troubles

Tenant Alisha Wright was one of the first people on the scene after 3-year-old Xayvion Carlton fell 9 stories to his death down the elevator shaft at the Pinnacle Apartments.

"I've never seen a dead body before in my life," she said, "but when I saw the little boy, I knew he was dead."

Wright said she has had repeated trouble with that elevator.

"The elevator stops, like in between floors," she said.

A dozen other tenants have similar stories of elevator troubles.

"If you're going to ten and, it will stop between nine and ten and it just opens up and it closes back up and goes up again," explained 11-year-old Kevin Thomas.  His mother, Suja, says it could have been her son who fell to his death.

"He has a habit of leaning on the door.  It opens up itself while it is moving," she said.

A Memphis and Shelby County Code Enforcement report from last October shows the inspector warned that the car door gibs were loose.  The Pinnacle shut down the elevator where the accident happened.

A spokesperson said they're trying to figure out how this happened and that their sympathies go out to the family.