Grizzlies Close Season with Questions

Look at it this way..

The L.A. Clippers hadn't won a playoff series since 19-76...

That's 30-years!

Oh, that's right, they won one last night..

After 3-straight trips to the post season, the Grizzlies are still in search of their first playoff game win!

With 12-straight playoff losses, the maelstrom is inevitable.

Fans are unhappy..

The head coach is frustrated...

The Players are bewildered..

And the Team President is bound and determined to make changes...

Changes that could mean the exit of household names, like Center Lorenzen Wright...the former University of Memphis star who's been with the Franchise since it moved to Memphis 5-years ago.

The Grizzlies will have their final team meeting Wednesday.

Team President Jerry West, who'll be awarded a Doctor of Letters from his Alma Mater West Virginia..may have an outline of the A-B-C's on improving the team.