Investigation continues into fatal elevator accident

Code Enforcement inspectors were back on the scene Wednesday at the Pinnacle Apartments, wrapping up their investigation into a fatal elevator accident.

Monday night, 3-year-old Xayvion Carlton died when he fell nine stories down an elevator shaft after an outer door gave way. The door was missing a small plate that keeps it on track.

Wednesday, Action News 5 investigated who exactly is at fault in the elevator's malfunction.

Local ordinances in Memphis state that it is the building owner's responsibility to maintain the elevator in a safe and reasonable manner. Usually this is accomplished by the hiring of an elevator contractor.

Schindler Elevator, the company with the maintenance contract on the elevator, said in a statement through their New York public relations firm, "Schindler Elevator extends its deepest sympathy to the family and the friends of the young boy who died following a tragic accident at the Pinnacle Apartments in Memphis Monday night. The matter is under investigation and it would inappropriate to speculate about the case."

When we went to the building's management office for comment, we were asked to leave the property. No one affiliated with the apartment complex would give any comment.

Elevator Inspector Charlie Haines said he and one other individual inspect all 3,000 elevators in Shelby County once a year. He said although the rest of the state is required to do inspections twice a year, ordinances in Memphis only require one inspection per 365 days.