American Idol contestants coming to Memphis

As soon as fans heard American Idol contestants were coming to Graceland...

American Idol fan Angie Riddick says, " I have their pictures right here in my magazine and I'm going to ask for chris' autograph..."

They began camping out at the mansion's front gate...

Idol fan Amanda Jones comments, "I'm AN Elliot fan, she's a taylor fan - she's a Chris fan and she's a Catherine fan..!"

And even when it started raining die hard fans stuck to their posts,,,, watching every vehicle that went into graceland hoping for a glimpse of their favorite performer.

Kevin Kearn with Graceland says, "Ah the american idols are coming here to graceland the top 4 to be part of an elvis themed show for american idol."

Graceland officials say American Idol producers have asked them not to release details of the visit and would only say that the contestants will work with music mogul Tommy Matola and Pricilla Presley will be involved with the contestant's visit to Memphis.

Kane continues, "Its been a long time coming,,, long long time coming..."

Memphian and Former Idol contestant Gedeon McKinney told me that he hasn't heard from any of the visiting idol hopefuls yet but it would fun to get a call from them.

Gedeon says since leaving american idol he's been busy with acting and singing projects at his school YO Memphis. But he still watches the show on television and votes every week.

So who does he think will ultimately win the contest...

Idol contestant Gedeon McKinney says, "Now let me see ah its 4-people left, they're pretty much on the same level so I have to say all of them."