Inspectors take a closer look into cause of elevator tragedy

Inspectors with the Memphis and Shelby County Code Enforcement officer say a closer look at an elevator inside Pinnacle Apartments revealed signs of an unauthorized entry.

"Gang graffiti had been written on the doors which led us to believe that someone had to be in the shaft at some point in time." said elevator inspector Charlie Haines.

It's not known how long the markings have been there but Haines says those rubbed in the dust look pretty fresh.

"They call it elevator hopping or elevator surfing they play on top of elevators and evidently someone had been on top we don't know when." said Haines.

While it appears suspicious, this new evidence doesn't directly link the elevator hopping theory to the exact problem that killed toddler Xayvion Carlton.

Missing bolts that caused a door to malfunction were found sitting outside the elevator on the ninth floor, the same floor from where the child fell to his death.

The adjoining piece was at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

"We can't figure that one out its got everybody puzzled how that happened." said Haines.

We hoped Pinnacle's building management could enlighten us but were told the office was closed. Attorneys for the maintenance company that checks on the elevator at the Pinnacle say they are aware of the new evidence of tampering but they don't have to the full report.

Once they do they plan to bring it to the building owner and discuss what should happen next.

Meanwhile residents have their own theory.

"The security problem." said tenant Jared Vinson.

His brother, Jamin says if someone was hopping around in the elevator shaft, a round the clock security guard should have heard it. Residents say whatever happened they hope Xayvion Carlton didn't die in vain.

"Sometimes the Lord has to work in mysterious ways for things to get done." said Vinson.