City council members question elevator inspections

Memphis City Council member E.C. Jones is one of many wanting answers about elevator safety in Memphis.

"There are some questions that should be asked because it's a terrible thing," he said.

Jones wants to know why Memphis is the only city in Tennessee that doesn't let the state inspect elevators. Instead, two people hired by Memphis/Shelby County Code Enforcement check out 3000 elevators each year. That means Memphis elevators get checked half as much as the rest of the state.

"See why we do it once a year, would it be more appropriate to let the state come in and inspect elevators."

The inspection decision was made in the late 40's. Jones wants to know if that decision needs to be revised and whether the city could work with the state and possibly increase elevator safety.

"Just because we've been doing it this way is not a good enough answer, and maybe we need to look at letting the state do it," he said.

Jones is not alone. City Council President Tajuan Stout Mitchell said in a statement, "If providing another agency outside of Memphis inspections of elevators improves the safety for the public, I believe most officials would support a change."