Memphis police investigate latest homicide

Chopper Five was over Ridgecrest Apartments moments after the city's latest murder Friday afternoon. Christopher Sanders was killed during what police believe was an ongoing feud. Deadrick Branch was upstairs at the time.

"I heard about four shots fire and I had hit the floor," says Branch.

Murder scenes have become a familiar sight for detectives, but a sight with which many Memphians are growing weary.

"It's a disaster," says LaToya Langford. "I will not get used to this--I will not get used to seeing somebody lose their life," she adds.

Members of the Langford family have seen a lot. Robert Langford nearly lost his life at this same apartment complex eight years ago.

"The first bullet went in here, dislocated this elbow--still have two bullets in the back of this arm," describes Langford.

He hopes to keep his three children out of the crossfire.

"You be wanting to let your kids go out and play but you have things like this that keep them in the house," says Langford.

People say keeping children inside to keep them safe is a reality for far too many Memphis families.

"And it hurts my feelings deeply," says Yumie Payne.

It's a frustration shared by many in this neighborhood, now more than ever.

As for the 59th murder of the year? Police say the suspect is still at large. He was last seen running on foot from the scene. Call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH if you know anything.