Jam-packed weekend slows Downtown traffic

Between Music Fest, a Redbirds game and graduation ceremonies for U of M students downtown Memphis is swarming this weekend.

And so far everyone seems to be keeping their cool.

Thousands of people filled FedExForum for the University of Memphis' two graduation ceremonies.

There were thousands more at AutoZone Park for a one-o'clock ballgame. And, of course, Music Fest is going on at Tom Lee Park. That amounts to huge crowds and lots of traffic.

Police told Action News 5 that it's been fairly controlled and point out the types of crowds they're having at these events are mostly families and older people - not your typical trouble-makers.

We talked with graduates this morning and their families. They said, yes, there were lots of people to deal with - but that the crowds were friendly. It just took a little longer than usual to get where they were going.

"I got here at 8:30 just to beat the traffic," said Ashley Wilson, a University of Memphis graduate. "I was just so concerned about parking and lines and waiting so i made sure to get here very early."

Graduation is done now, and the Redbirds game is over - so tonight's crowds will be totally different than what we saw here earlier today.

Make parking as painless as possible by finding a lot or garage before you head Downtown.

We've linked you to the Center City Commission's map of Downtown lots.

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