Community reacts to shooting on school grounds

Police and parents are speaking out after gunshots rang out at a Mid-South high school. The shooting happened outside East High while students were leaving a dance Friday night. One victim was treated and released from the hospital, the other underwent surgery. Police are looking for two suspects.

Memphis Police detectives say several factors cause tension in the East High School community, but that it will take the whole community to stop them.

For Fayed Shelton, living in a progressive community is important. His two sons go to East High and he's cautious about events after school.

"I don't let them go up there alone by themselves," said Shelton.

This is not the first time this year a shooting happened after an event at East High. Back in January a student was wounded after a basketball game between East High and Melrose.

"East kind of separates Orange Mound from Binghampton so a lot of times it's just a neighborhood click thing that gets things riled up over there," explained Memphis Police Detective Byron Braxton.

Memphis City Schools made sure to hire security for the dance. They note that the people involved in the shooting were not students, calling it a community disagreement that spilled over onto school property.

"It's always good though for the MPD officers to have a heads up on what's happening at schools. I'm not sure if our ward officers knew that there was a dance going on up there so we could be in place," Detective Braxton said.

He says nothing leads police to believe this shooting was gang related, but tensions seem to arise from both the school and the community.

"It goes both ways. Sometimes things develop in the schools and spill out into the neighborhoods and it just keeps growing," added Detective Braxton.

Shelton says the entire community must help .

"It's gonna take all of us to work together. One for all and all for one. There's just no way that one person can do it," he said.

Memphis City Schools say they're committed to the safety of their staff and students. Detective Braxton says the school may have caught the shooting on surveillance video. He plans to watch the video closely Monday and get more clues to solve the case.