Pastor arrested for disturbing the peace

A Mid-South church is at odds with the neighborhood where it stands.

Colonial Hills Church is located on Highway 51, just north of Goodman Road, in Southaven.

People who live nearby say worship services inside the church are just too loud. They claim the bass from church speakers makes their houses vibrate.

Allyson Malone says it's so bad she has to leave her house. Church leaders say they do what they can to keep the noise down.

"We are steadily adjusting our sound and music and we have spent several thousand dollars ah and to adjust our sound levels," said Joe Kelley of Colonial Hills Church.

Neighbors argue the church has not made enough adjustments to the sound levels. One Church pastor arrested for disturbing the peaceman swore out an affidavit claiming the church played its music excessively loud and a student pastor at Colonial Hills was arrested and charged this week with disturbing the peace.