Man killed in 4-wheeler accident near Covington Pike

Covington Pike Bottoms is a popular destination for all-terrain-vehicle enthusiasts, but a fun ride turned deadly for a 23-year-old Memphis man. B.J. Stone witnessed the accident.

"Young boy was coming, speeding across through there and he didn't see the ditch. By the time he seen it, it was too late. The four-wheeler went into the ditch and it flipped over and throwed him on the other side," he explained.

Stone says he immediately called 911. Emergency crews arrived quickly, but the young man was already dead.

"When I got there, I checked his pulse and pressed on his chest and his color was pretty bad," he said.

Tennessee ranks sixth in the nation in ATV deaths and the number of people hurt on ATV's is at an all-time high. Crime scene investigators worked to retrace the accident to find out the cause.

"As you can see, the road's very rough and terrain changes very quickly and that appears to be what caused this accident," said Lieutenant Joe Scott of the Memphis Police Department.

Stone says he rides at Covington Pike Bottoms with his children.

"Lot of kids make mistakes. My son flipped his in the same ditch four weeks ago doing the same exact thing," he said.

Police say the man was not wearing a helmet. Helmets nearly double your chances of surviving an ATV accident.