Police investigate mysterious death in Bolivar

An investigation is underway in the Hardeman County town of Bolivar after a woman was found dead and her home on fire.

Margaret Harper died mysteriously in her own home in what police are calling a disturbing murder.

Her daughter, Sherkenna Walters, got a call from the prison where she worked as a corrections officer because she did not show up for work. Walters discovered her mother's body at her home after a neighbor kicked the door in.

"Her body was laying on the couch tied with her uniform top on," she said.

Walters said her mother, who was getting ready to go to work at the prison, had her hands tied behind her back. Investigators said someone had tried to burn the house down to cover up the crime. The fire was started in the home's bedroom, and quickly spread through the house. It eventually burnt itself out on its own.

Investigators with theTennessee Bomb and Arson team were on the scene Monday trying to determine what kind of accelerant was used. Police said Harper's body was not burned, and it was not clear how she died.

Family members said a key to the front door was missing from Harper's key chain, and the front door screen was locked, something they said she never did. The family could not imagine who could have committed the crime.

"It sounds like someone who is very familiar with her, knew her daily routine, what time she leaves to go to work and all of that," Walters said.

Neighbor Alvenia Bills said Harper was a good neighbor who never caused any trouble.

"Its scary right now," Bills said. "We can't sleep at night because who ever did it is still on the loose. There's a question mark over our head because we don't know who did what."

What is clear is Harper's family wants her killer caught.