Memphis Woman Faces a "Mound" of a Problem

Margaret Hall says for weeks the first thing visitors noticed when they drove up to her house was a huge pile of dirt.

"Six or seven feet. I don't know." But the pile was even bigger. From base to tip the mound measured 16 feet Monday afternoon.

"I said it started with a little mound then gradually they brought dirt from here, dirt from there and they piled it up here."

Hall told us the pile was more than an eyesore. She claims it was a hazard. "You got house bricks, you got plank wood. Everything is in there now. And it's just..I'm just fed up with it so I tried to get some help."

Hall says she talked to maintenance men she'd seen cleaning up sites around the area, contacted the subdivision's front office and the man who was overseeing the building process. Jimmy Elam says weather kept his contractor from clearing the pile.

"It first came to my attention Tuesday I believe of last week. That's when I talked to her. And since then it's rained two days and rained over the weekend."

Monday's weather held out and crews moved into Hall's neighborhood just after 2:00pm. They knocked the dirt down and cleared the area out.

Elam says he was just as ready for the dirt to be moved. He told us he's already sold the house and has a family ready to move in. They couldn't do that until the dirt pile moved.