Only On 5: Primary Loser Wants New Vote

Johnny Hatcher, Jr. came in fifth in last weeks race for the District 3 position 1 county commission seat.

In a complaint sent to the Shelby County Election Commission, Hatcher alleges numerous election irregularities, "I would like to see the election done again."

Hatcher says he and his poll watchers saw several people vote more than once, convicted felons cast ballots and poll workers and watchers intimidated.

Hatcher, "One of my poll workers was trying to distribute my campaign materials to a voter and one of the candidates would actually hold that person but obviously it was an attempt to keep that voter from receiving documents."

Hatcher accuses opponent Adrian Killebrew and primary winner James Harvey of quote, "fraudulent practices."

Harvey says, "I would think the election commission themselves would have probably given us some type of citation themselves if there was something illegal."

Hatcher says these sample ballots which endorse Killebrew and Harvey mislead voters into thinking the two were endorsed by the Democratic party.

Harvey says the complaint is not true, "I happen to be on a ballot that someone else constructed and I think the other opponents are unhappy with that."

In-fact the flyer with Harvey's picture was printed by another campaign, not his. The flyer with Killebrew's face is attributed to his campaign. I was unable to reach Adrian Killebrew today. I left several messages for Greg Duckett, Chairman of the election commission and I left a message for James Johnson, administrator for the election commission. Neither returned my calls. Johnny Hatched has also filed a complaint with the state election commission and plans to file one with the Democratic Party.