Collierville residents fight for police pay raises

Collierville's town hall is a beauty, a classic building featuring ornate woodwork, the city's seal caste in bronze, and that's not all.

Brannon Howse, Collierville Resident says, "You see over my shoulder here...that's a twelve hundred eighteen dollar trash can. That's nice but you know what, that's not the priorit

Community activist Brannon Howse was one of several hundred packing Collierville council chambers Monday night willing to pick a fight over pay raises for police.

Howse continues, "We have officers who have left the force or are close to leaving the fo

According to the Collierville police association, the city's police force is the lowest paid among Memphis suburbs with the exception of Millington.

Officer Erik Shirkey says many of his colleagues have already gone.

Shirkey says, "Any person presented with a job offer...I would say it would weight a lot on their m

City leaders say they want to keep that from happening but can't promise pay raises.

Mayor Linda Kerley, Mayor of Collierville says, "It would be irresponsible of me to say everything is going to be fine and perfect because we haven't gotten that far with the budget so it would be irresponsible of me to say t

Brannon Howse says all he wants it to maintain a quality police force, attract quality recruits, and keep Collierville crime under control.

Howse continues, "If I'm going to pay taxes, I want it to go to the first and foremost responsibility of government, protection and secur