Olive Branch Police Department to offer gun safety class for women

Karen Hudson lives in Olive Branch with a house full of hunters, but does not know how to use a gun.

"I probably have fired a gun once in my life," she said, "but I don't go to practice."

Hudson is not alone. More and more women have been asking the Olive Branch Police Department about gun safety. So many, in fact, that the department is offering women a free course.

"As usual, woman are sometimes easy prey, and we do have our share of that," said Sgt. Paul Davis, Range Master at the Olive Branch Police Department.

Davis said most crimes specifically targeting women are domestic.

"Boyfriends, husbands, stuff that women put up with," he said. "I think some of them just finally decide not to put up with it anymore."

The four-hour course will not teach women how to shoot, but it will teach women the basics, such as how to be more comfortable with guns, so they know what to do if they have to use one.

Hudson thinks the course it's a great idea, even though she does not believe it will deter crime.

"I think that we should know how to use them, because they're everywhere, and just about everybody has one," she said.

Police officials said that is why the safety course is important.

The Olive Branch gun safety class for women is Saturday May 20th. If you are interested just call the department at 662-895-4111. The class is free, but police are asking students to bring their own gun and ammunition.