Covington police make an arrest in a home invasion case

Covington Police made an arrest in one of two home invasions that happened days apart.

They're trying to figure out if the suspect committed both crimes, but in one of those cases, it appears he targeted a man who'd just passed away.

Ed Fleming saw the commotion when police got a home invasion call at his neighbor's house on Herring Drive.

"At least three or four cars came up sliding," he said.

Coincidentally, years back, his wife stumbled upon a robber in their home.

"You just feel like you've been violated. They take things you can't replace," Fleming said.

This time around, police think the suspect used the obituaries to hunt for a victim.

"He possibly could have read it in the newspaper and seen the obituary and knew the funeral was that day and decided to burglarize the house where the deceased lived and I think they picked the wrong house because this man actually came home and he was inside the house," said Covington Police Lieutenant Allen Wilson.

Lt. Wilson says the homeowner had returned from his other neighbor's funeral to find Terry Wilson, Junior in his bedroom. He says the suspect then asked the homeowner a strange question.

"It was like, 'How are you doing?' He was like, 'fine'," Wilson explained.

Police believe the suspect fled the scene with $10,000 in stolen goods on a small bicycle. They say they found small bicycle tracks and a neighbor saw a man with the same description carrying an orange duffel bag.

"The citizens, they saw the guy, described him to us and gave us good details," Lt. Wilson said. Police say they tracked Wilson down with the help of the public.

Police say someone stole Wilson's getaway bicycle right after the robbery. They're still investigating the other home invasion across town on Haynie Street to see if they are related. The Covington Police Department is offering a reward for an arrest in that case.