Sheriff's deputies investigate possible auto theft ring

"I never thought I'd see it again," says Fara Snowden.

Snowden's Honda Accord is back in her driveway four months after it was stolen and four months after she put it up for sale.

"I put a ad in Auto Trader to sell it," says Snowden.

She believes that's where thieves spotted her car, made an appointment to see it, and then stole it.

"I didn't think anything like that could happen," says Snowden.

Two teens were finally caught Monday night in Snowden's car.

"My big thing is I'm glad they caught the guys," says Snowden.

But it appears there are other victims. A number of auto magazines and computer print-outs were found in the trunk of her car. Some of the ads had been circled. Snowden called one of the numbers.

"Yea, we both compared stories and the mannerisms and everything matched up exactly," says Snowden.

Victims say the thieves did the same thing in both of these cases. First, they asked for the keys in order to take a test drive. Once the car was cranked, the thieves drove away but never came back.

Shelby County Sheriff's detectives are trying to determine if there are even more victims and if these cases are connected to a much larger auto theft operation. Snowden is already convinced.

"You know, no telling what they've been doing and no telling how many cars they've stolen," says Snowden.

Detectives do say this isn't the first they've heard of auto ads being used by auto thieves.

Two teens were charged with auto theft in Snowden's case, but were bailed out Tuesday morning. The two may now face new charges.