Homes damaged after Wednesday morning storms

A round of spring storms rolled through the Mid-South early Wednesday morning, leaving damage in their wake.

The Chu family in Germantown escaped from their home with just a few scrapes and bruises, after a tree fell onto their house while they were asleep.

The tree also crushed an upstairs study, which collapsed onto their 16-year old son's bedroom. He was in bed when the tree came crashing down, but got out before the second story came through the bedroom ceiling.

Valerie Chu believes the tree was pushed over by some strong winds. It shook the ground so hard, neighbor Elke Eynck thought her own house had been hit.

"For a second it went zoom and then it happened," she said. "I heard the glass and everything, and I got out and looked and I thought my house was broken."

Not far away at Raleigh-Lagrange and Amberly Way, another house was damaged by a lightning strike, blowing out a window above its garage..

As for the Chus, they are insured, and even called their insurance company before calling 9-1-1.