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Nick's 2 Cents...Gas saving tips

As gas prices rise, everyone is looking for ways to ease the pain at the pump.  Nick's 2 Cents can offer some simple tips to stretch your wallet a little further.

First, filling up your tires to the proper air pressure can save you money when you fill up at the gas station.  One alternative to compressed air is nitrogen.  Nitrogen has been used for years in race car and airplane tires.  Shon Hulett at Gateway Tire says putting it in regular car, truck, and motorcycle tires is becoming more common.
"If you use compressed air, it tends to heat up," he said. "What causes a lot of separation in tires and premature wear in tires is heat."

Hulett says nitrogen burns 25% cooler, and cooler tires last longer.  By prolonging the life of your tires, you can, in turn, save money at the gas pump.
Hulett says nitrogen also maintains tire pressure better.  The U.S. Department of Energy reports cars and trucks burn 4 million gallons of gasoline everyday due to low tire pressure.  Having low tires can add resistance to your, driving your gas mileage down and your prices at the pump up.

Tires filled with nitrogen lose their pressure three times slower than tires filled with compressed air.  Helett says there are almost no negatives to be found when you make the switch to nitrogen.

Nitrogen is more expensive than air, costing $3 to $5 dollars to fill each tire.  However, the saving can translate to as much as 15% for each tank of gas, making the initial cost potentially worth it.

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