Burglars disturb Olive Branch neighborhoods

Burglars have disturbed the peace of Olive Branch with nine recent break-ins, usually occurring between nine in the morning and noon!

Burglary victim Patrick Simpson says "...Kicked in the back door, pulled the drawers out of our dressers and stuff and dumped everything, pulled everything out of our closets.">

Crooks took Patrick Simpson's lap top, digital camera, his wife's jewelry and ransacked their bank records.

Smith continues, "...We closed all our bank accounts and cancelled all our credit cards and stuff. Just the hassle of having to go through all of that."

Simpson has added a burglar alarm and security door since the break-in...and has begun meeting with neighbors...all first time crime victims in Olive Branch:

Lt. Kevin McKenzie with the Olive Branch police department says, "It's important for neighbors to actually be nosy."

Lt. Kevin McKenzie is investigating the six burglaries in the Plantation Lakes subdivision just south of Germantown and three others in the Magnolia Estates area. The crimes took place after home owners went to work. McKenzie says residents of fast growing Olive Branch need to keep on the lookout for strange vehicles pulling into neighbors driveways at unusual times.

McKenzie continues, "...It seems like people nowadays want to live a sheltered life and want to come home and shut their doors and not worry about what's going on around them. That's the wrong thing to do. They need to try and be more observant and alert as far as what's going on in the neighborhood."

Police say they're using marked and unmarked patrols in hopes of catching the back door burglars.