Secrets of a Poker Cheat

Casino cheat Richard Marcus says, "I don't mind stealing millions from casinos."

For 25 years Richard Marcus beat the house by cheating at almost all of the games.

Marcus continues, "There's all kinds of cheating."

He says he did it at Tunica casinos in the early days when the casinos first opened.

Marcus says, "If the expression taking candy from a baby is apropos for the situation, I would say the experience in Tunica was like taking candy from an embryo, that's how easy it was."

Marcus says Tunica has grown up since then and it's not so easy but it's still done..there and at other casinos.

And now the thief who retired five years ago has written, " Dirty Poker", a new book exposing the poker underworld.

In the book, he says casinos don't get too upset about poker cheats because you're playing with you're money not their money.

Marcus continues, "There's rampant cheating going on in poker..major tournaments, including collusions between Hollywood celebrities and bigwig Las Vegas tournament people to get celebrities to win."

Marcus says there are a lot of ways to cheat. ..

Collusion is one popular way to cheat.. Marcus says it goes on all the time..players communicating with each other. It can be done with chips...putting them on different parts of a card tells your partner in crime what you have.

"It's not obvious and glaring. They do that as they're playing with their chips."

Most players play with chips and use one to protect their hand. So it's a cheat that doesn't stand out if you're good at it.
Marcus says some cheaters use verbal signals for their partner.

"You might say to the dealer, 'can you get me a cocktail waitress to come over here'."10:55:20

That could mean he just made a full house...
Can you tell a poker cheat by looking at them...some riverboat looking dude or a glam queen.

Marcus continues, " As a matter of fact in my career as a casino cheater, I had a frumpy older woman working with me one time. I was 25 she was 60."

Marcus says nobody suspected her. If you don't want to get caught up in a poker game of cheats Marcus suggests you in get into games with smaller pots because the cheats like to swim with the big fish.