Police investigate senior prank at Desoto Central High

It was a senior prank to commemorate Desoto Centrals first graduating class.

According to police, when a groundskeeper showed up for work Tuesday morning, someone had filled the locks on at least 50 doors with glue and toothpicks.

Lt. Matt Anderson with the Southaven police department says, "We believe its going to be several thousand dollars to have this fixed."

It was no laughing matter when police arrested seniors John McNeil and Martin Roberson and former student Ryan Wilson and charged each of them with a felony for causing damages in excess of 500 dollars.

Wednesday students wore t-shirts protesting the school's decision to ban McNeil and Roberson from their upcoming graduation ceremony.

DeSoto Central High student Whitney Clyburn says, "For them not be able to walk across the stage and and John not to be able to give his speech for being the senior class favorite this year, they shouldn't be doing that."

School officials couldn't comment on how the district plans to discipline the two seniors. They're policy is to remove students who commit felonies from the classroom. They did say however the two young men will be allowed to graduate.

DeSoto High student Kayce Freeman says, "I think it was just a prank and yea they vandalized but they're seniors and they've been good all they're high school career and they should be allowed to walk."

A spokesperson for the Desoto District says the decision was within the county's code of discipline.

Now, the judicial system will decide how to further punish three young men accused of a prank that went too far.