Heisley Unhappy With Playoff Format

As the NBA Playoffs wage on without the Memphis Grizzlies, team Majority owner Michael Heisley has some ideas on how to change the system.

Heisley calls the current system, which seeds Division Winners 1-2-3 in each conference, ridiculous.

Still stung by the fact the Grizzlies were seeded 5th, and ended up playing the 60-win Dallas Mavericks on the road, Heisley says he'll submit this plan to the NBA Board of Governors when they meet after the season.

Heisley says the East and West Conferences should be kept for travel considerations, but the Divisional lineup should be scrapped...since each team plays every other team multiple times.

Heisley says, once the playoffs begin, teams should be seeded 1-through-16, REGARDLESS off Conference..

That way teams with the Best Records will be guaranteed higher seeding and home court advantage.

Heisley says, along with the Grizzlies, the Dallas Mavericks also are getting what he calls a "Raw Deal" in having to play another 60-win team, the Spurs, in the Conference Semi-finals.