Meroney arrest sparked by email from accuser

New details surfaced Thursday surrounding the charges against Fox 13 anchor Ron Meroney, accused of statutory rape charges in Maryland.

In an email sent to Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen's office, Meroney's accuser says Meroney raped her when she was a child, more than 30 years ago.  After recieving the mail, Bredesen's office sent it to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.  A TBI spokesperson said Thursday that the agency ran a check and found that Meroney was indicted in Maryland in December of 2005.  That was when the TBI had Meroney arrested.

Maryland prosecutor David Raurk told Action News 5 Thursday that his office is preparing paperwork to get a Governor's Warrant to bring Merony back to Maryland.  Raurk said the warrant was necessary because Meroney refused to waive extradition.

Meroney was unvailable for comment Thursday.  Meroney has not appeared on Fox 13 since his arrest.  General Manager John Koski said Merony has not resigned or been fired.