Some say downtown bar may be haunted

(WMC-TV) - Reported May, 11 2006 - Some say Ernestine and Hazel's bar on South Main Street serves up two kinds of spirits. The kind that come from a bottle, and the kind that come from beyond.

Bar owner Russell George says, "Its just a walk back in history you can feel the vibes I felt them upstairs when I lived there."

But what local paranormal investigators identify as a ghostly figure has never been documented as vividly as the one seen on this video tape. Owner Russell George and his girlfriend Hope say the jukebox plays on its own....and the song titles are always relevant to conversations in the bar.

George continues, "They said you've got some kind of control back there I said girl we don't have proper electricity to run this place much less a control."

Last October Memphis Paranormal Investigations, asked to spend the night in the bar and leave their camera rolling.

After examining the what occurs at around 4 a.m. on the video tape. George believes the man seen here walking along main street is a ghost.

George says, "I noticed I said when he passed the door it looked like he had a candle you can actually see him he's transparent."

Local investigators say they're findings haven't been tested by a lab. I'm not sure I'm convinced its spiritual authenticity, but as for the haunted jukebox ... It happened while our cameras were rolling.

"It never plays these songs! Alright time to go," says George

I agreed especially since the song title was "A View to A Kill"

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