Letter alleges greater claims against Meroney

The Memphis newsman charged with raping a child is facing even harsher allegations by his accuser.  Now, he awaits a trial date in Maryland.

The mystery surrounding this charge is no clearer today than it was a week ago. But this letter, which led to Meroney's arraignment here, makes much stronger allegations than even the grand jury in Baltimore.

The letter, obtained by Action News Five, alerted Governor Bredesen to Meroney's presence in Memphis. Written by a woman who calls him her quote "uncle," Meroney's accuser says, this man has many victims, including my five brothers and sisters," and "please do what you can to expedite his extradition and to protect the children of Memphis."

"I am sure he is heavily involved in his Church as he was while he was molesting all of us. Please warn the people of his church," the letter continues.

At Meroney's church, the pastor expressed support for Meroney and his family. And - according to the general manager at FOX 13 - Meroney is still on staff, although the company will not discuss details of the charge against him.

An internet search pulled up this blog, purportedly written by a Fox13 employee who called Meroney "kind, generous, and professional" and "one of the elder statesmen in the newsroom."

The employee wrote, "this morning I looked over at his desk, where pictures of his smiling family are proudly displayed. I can't even imagine what they're going through."

Again, Meroney only faces one charge of statutory rape in Maryland. To our knowledge he has not been charged for the incidents mentioned in that letter. We tried to reach Meroney and his lawyer for comment, but were unable to do so.