Pizza business the latest victim at Hacks Cross and Winchester

It happened again...another armed robbery near Hacks Cross and Winchester, Thursay night at Figaro's Pizza, about a mile west of the intersection. The business has only been there five weeks.

Angelo Lucchesi said his employee had just taken out the garbage to the rear of the restaurant, around 9:45 Thursday night.

"There was a man there waiting for him with a gun," he said.

Lucchesi said the man instructed the employee with a gun to his head to call Lucchesi.

When he got to the back, the man had a gun to the employee's head, and another one pointed at Lucchesi. He told Lucchesi to put the money from the cash register in a paper bag. Lucchesi did, and the man left.

The incident comes after a rash of armed robberies in the area and a meeting held by business people hoping to stop it all.

"In a lot of ways it doesn't surprise me," said Bob Cox, manager at a nearby hotel. "I really haven't seen a lot of change out here since then."

Memphis Police have gotten some help trying to stop all of the crime.

"We are joining forces with Germantown and the Sheriff's department because, this is on the edge of the county and we are working together," said Memphis Police spokesperson Sgt. Vince Higgins.

A sheriff's deputy and undercover officers were patrolling the area Friday.