Memphis Mojo Brings Pro Soccer Plus Massive Sports Training Center

Last December we told you Memphis is getting a new Minor League Professional Sports Franchise, the Memphis Mojo of the American Indoor Soccer League...

Today, the team had its' unveiling..and whole lot more...

Over the years Memphis has had its' share of alphabet soup Leagues and teams...

The Difference with the Mojo, Big Dreams are ready to turn into concrete and steel.

The organization plans to build a 160-thousand square foot training center, open to the public, for not only indoor AND outdoor soccer, but Basketball and Volleyball as well at the corner of Walnut Grove and Houston Levee Road.

Mojo owner and President Chris Talley says the marriage among sports in one place makes business sense.

Talley says <"We've already secured $470,000 in leases of teams that have already stepped up and decided to secure their floor space, indoor soccer fields and footsol. ">

Talley says he expects more than 400 thousand to use the facility in its first year.

He says The Memphis Sports Training Center has already signed on several tenants for 2007, including The Memphis Glory, an AAU Girls Basketball outfit, formerly known as the Memphis Waves.

Tom Jackson, Glory Vice President, says the facility will bring big events to the City.

<"There's not too many places you can go where you have 8 or 9 courts going simultaneously at one location.

A lot of times when you go to large events you're spread out all over the city.">

As for Mojo itself.. Former National Champion CBU coach Gareth O'Sullivan will guide the team.

The Mojo will play its' first 4 home games at the Agricenters' Showplace Arena beginning December 9th.

It's last 4-home games are slated for the DeSoto Civic Center.

O'Sullivan says <"With this pro level the main thing for me is putting a quality roster together.

There's nuiances and differences in the game that we're going to have a longer pre-season than most because it's a first year squad, get everyone used to it.">

Owner Chris Talley says he plans to break ground on the training center by September...

He expects to open the facility in January 2007.