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Neighbors shocked by early-morning shoot out

A deputy United States Marshall was shot to death after police say she turned a gun on one of their officers.

Neighbors were stunned by what happened this morning. They told Action News 5 they can't understand what happened at the neatly kept home down the streets.

People who live along Palmina Cove were upset and confused when they woke up this morning and found their street had turned into a crime scene. They saw their neighbor's white BMW riddled with bullet holes and their neighbor slumped across the seat.

"It was very sad because that's the first thing that came out of my mouth this morning when I heard it was a lady and I said Oh on Mother's Day. You know, it's very hurtful - hurtful to hear something like that happened," said neighbor Gwen Shaw.

"Well, I've been here eight years and this is the first time we've had anybody killed in this neighborhood," said Madeline Lee.

Neighbors who knew the deputy U.S. Marshall described her as a cordial person, but as someone who kept to herself.

A closer look at the neighborhood shows relatively little crime.

Action News 5 researched reports over the past 30-days within a mile of 1143 Palmina Cove and found there have been no reports of aggravated assaults and no robberies in the past month.

However, the crime map did reveal three burglaries.

Count on Action News 5 for more details of this still developing story. We'll have team coverage tonight at 10.

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