Dixon lawyer says transcripts prove Waltz was racially motivated

Roscoe Dixon wants the bribery charges against him thrown out!  His lawyer claims agents in the Tennessee Waltz sting unfairly went after black lawmakers.  Tonight we have the transcripts that he says may support that claim.

Roscoe Dixon's case - bound for court at the end of the month - could be derailed if the judge buys his lawyer's argument, that government agents directly targeted black lawmakers.

William Massey is representing State Senator Kathryn Bowers in the Waltz investigation and says it's a strong argument.  "Certainly selective prosecution is one of the issues that we're looking at also," he says.

Transcripts - filed with the dismissal motion - show government informant Tim Willis telling bagman Barry Myers, "I, I wanted to use some Republicans.  You understand what I'm sayin'?"

Myers says "I, I, I would definitely say don't give no Republicans no money."

Willis responds,  "really."

That's when Myers says, "'Cause Paul Stanley's very ethical, very, you know, Tre Haggard {sic} and all, don't, don't spend no money on no white boys hands like that."

Myers goes on to say, "so you askin' for it, I mean, them white boys, ain't going with it.  White boys like Paul Stanley... that represents Germantown and all that s**t."

Tim Willis says,  "uh-huh."

Myers responds,  "they ain't goin' with all that kinda'... Stuff man."

"Far as i'm sayin' pass money, I wouldn't do it with the white boys."

Myers goes on, "It's just the n****s that you want to be payin'"

Leslie Ballin, lawyer for bagman Barry Myers, says the selective prosecution claim is weak, because it is his client, Myers, who suggests avoiding white Republicans, not the government informant.

"It's Mr. Myers who talks about 'hey don't waste your time on the republicans, you've got to talk about those other folks.'  And so the investigation did not center on democrats, did not center on african-american representatives, but was for everybody," he says.

If district judge Jon McCalla decides not to dismiss Dixon's case, he's due to go to court on May 30th.  In that event, Dixon's lawyers have also asked for a new delay until October 31st, claiming they still have not had enough time to review all of the evidence.