Official says Tennessee alligators are not a big threat to humans

You don't normally see alligators in Memphis, Tennessee, but that's what a fisherman caught on camera when he was trolling McKellar Lake last month. Park Ranger David England that alligators are still out there, but he doesn't think they are a huge threat to humans.

"We've had of reports of fisherman seeing them but I personally have not seen them since our initial report," he said Monday.

In Florida, three gators killed three women in just one week. Annemarie Campbell of Paris, Tennessee was one of them.  The alligator that killed Campbell is was to be between 7 and 9 feet long, the same size as two alligators that were spotted in McKellar Lake at T.O. Fuller State Park.

"You're more apt to be stung by a bee and die than be attacked by an alligator in Tennessee," England said. "So I'd say chances are slim to none of someone getting injured."

That's because humans aren't encroaching on alligator territory in Memphis.

"They're going to see us coming before we see them," England said. "They're going to go out into these marshy areas where they're safe. As long as we leave them alone, they're going to leave us alone."

If you should come out to visit their home on McKeller Lake, rangers say stay in groups and make a lot of noise.