Face off between Shelby County and Memphis School Boards

It may be only a page and a half but this letter from Shelby County School leaders to their Memphis counterparts says a lot.

And that's just how David Pickler wanted it, "We've got to work together, we've got to communicate together, we've got to build that basis of trust. that basis of trust can't be built on broken promises."

Pickler says that broken promise was a commitment from City School leaders to back legislation in Nashville to give Shelby County Schools special status, allowing it to gain more control and maybe more state money, "The failure of the city school board to follow through on this commitment sets a very, very dangerous precedent."

Memphis School Board President Sara Lewis responded at Monday's board meeting, "This is simply not true and does not actively reflect the work of our district lobbyists."

Lewis says the district never pulled backing but was concerned, "Community leaders asked that the Shelby County Schools introduce language that would insure Memphis City Schools would not be harmed in the even that special schools status was granted. "

Lewis says her county counterparts never responded, that she never pulled support and everyone needs to regroup, "Our board remains committed to the four C's to govern our future relationship with the Shelby County Schools; Communication, Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration." Sara Lewis said she will ask for a joint meeting of the two boards in the upcoming weeks.