Police bust meth lab in Berclair neighborhood - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Police bust meth lab in Berclair neighborhood

Memphis Police busted a meth lab Monday in the middle of Owen Avenue between Perkins and Mendenhall and few blocks north of Summer. Police were there to check out suspected drug sales when they happened upon what they call an active meth lab. Like neighbors, they were surprised by what they found inside.

Deena Spuryer was like a lot people as they watched police work.

Spuryer says, "It was a shock to everybody. Obviously we didn't have a clue what was going on."

That a potentially hazerdous meth lab had apparently been up and running in the normal looking house in a neighborhood full of children.

Neighbor Danny Brady says, "They don't seem to have respect for the neighbors or children."

Frustrations flared as the man described by police as the meth cook was taken downtown still wearing his protective suit.

"I'd hang my head too," shouted one neighbor.

He was one of three people hauled away from the suspected meth house.

A closer look at the meth making materials found include everything from ammonia to drain cleaner to sulfuric acid. Police describe it as an above average meth lab."

They don't know how long it had been in operation and thought like some neighbors that drugs were simply being sold out of the house.

Neighbor Richard Abernathy, "You saw traffic come back and forth...we just knew and we'd point our fingers over there and say there's the crackie house."

A house that now must be cleared of explosive chemicals and cleaned up the way neighbors hope it will remain.

The meth lab response team remains on the scene. A cleanup crew is in route from Knoxville. They expect to be here all night long. I'm told the three people arrested today have yet to be charged so their names are not being released.

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