City Council Chairman reeling from weekend crime

The Chairman of the Memphis City Council was reeling Tuesday from a weekend crime during which she was the victim.

Tajuan Stout Mitchell tells Action News Five she was pumping gas at an Exxon at Winchester and Elvis Presley when a man opened her passenger door and grabbed her purse. The suspect jumped into a getaway car, leaving the city's most influential council member too shocked to move. She says they got personal information and the gift she'd purchased for mother for mother's day... and she says it's left a strong impression about crime in the city.

"I was not physically harmed but to tell you that it does not impact me emotionally, I cannot tell you that," Mitchell said. "I don't think I've gotten too much sleep. I look out the window at cars coming by. I'm nervous."

Mitchell worries this sort of crime, which she says seems to target woman may be on the rise. She's doing research into the numbers and she's got advice for woman about how NOT to be victimized.

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