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Quickest Way Home

Ron Childers' route Ron Childers' route
Nick Paranjape's route Nick Paranjape's route
Kym Clark's route Kym Clark's route

Action News 5 wants to know the best routes around Memphis. Each Tuesday in May we'll start three crews at one location and send them to one destination. Each crew will take a different route. It's part of an experiment to find the Quickest Way Home.

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The Quickest Way Home: Tiger Bookstore to the Mike Rose Soccer Complex

Action news 5's Ron Childers found the "Quickest Way Home" on May 16th.

We sent three crews from the Tiger Bookstore on Walker and Highland to the Mike Rose Soccer Complex right off of the Forest Hill-Irene exit of the Bill Morris Parkway.

Ron took a left on Highland, another left on Park then a right on Getwell. From there he hopped onto I-240 heading east. He exited 240 onto the Bill Morris Parkway. It took him 25 minutes and 28 seconds to reach the soccer complex.

It only took Nick Paranjape about a minute more to reach the same destination. Nick made it to the soccer complex in 26 minutes and 25 seconds. He took Southern to Perkins then made a right on Poplar to get to 240. Nick also left 240 to get onto the Bill Morris Parkway.

Poplar Avenue was not kind to Kym Clark. It took her 44 minutes and three-seconds to make it to the Mike Rose Soccer Complex. She followed Poplar all the way to Forest Hill-Irene Road.

Next time: We'll find the Quickest Way Home from the Memphis International Airport to North Memphis.

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