Memphis city council denies police pay raise

Leaders of Memphis' police union promise to go after council members who voted against them.

In a five-to-seven vote Tuesday night, council members sided with the administration and denied a one-percent pay raise for police, a raise the union had been pushing.

Police officers and supporters filled council chambers in a show of solidarity.

But in the end, a majority of the council cited a cash-strapped budget for its decision.

A decision union leaders say they will not forget.

Barbara Swearengen Holt with the Memphis City Council says, "You not only deserve the one percent or half-percent you're asking for, you deserve more than that--but you can't get blood out of a turnip."

Tommy Turner with the Memphis Police Association says, "Well, it was expected (not surprised?)...not surprised at all, but we've done found some enemies"

Turner says the union will campaign against those council members who voted against the increase.

Those who sided with the union say fat should be cut at the top before penalizing those at the bottom.