Groups plan protests before Divinci Code open

The DaVinci Code may be one of the most highly-anticipated movies ever. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property considers it blasphemous. That's why the group is planning more than a thousand protests Friday at movie theaters across the nation. One of them is set to take place outside the Paradiso in Memphis, where The DaVinci Code will be shown on four screens.

"I have to admit, if I were not a movie critic, I would not be seeing The DaVinci Code this week," says movie critic Lynn Sitler.

Sitler is also the Memphis-Shelby County Film Commissioner. She refused to read The Davinci Code book.

"I did not want to read the book because I thought it would offend my faith," says Sitler.

The book proposes Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married, had a child, and that a powerful organization linked to the Church conspired to commit murder to keep it secret. Sitler says some might confuse fiction with what they believe to be fact.

"It does threaten beliefs of the Christian religion," says Sitler.

"But only if you look at the movie as more than entertainment," she adds.

Protestors hope to convince movie-goers to "move on" to something else.

Action News 5 did contact a spokesperson for Malco Theaters, which operates the Paridiso. She says the company can't control anyone's actions and hopes everyone realizes this is simply a work of fiction.