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Teens face judge after Millington drug bust

Nearly a dozen teens showed up in Shelby County Juvenile court today to learn their fates, after a Millington drug bust that happened on April 20th.

The teens were accused of selling everything from ecstasy to prescription drugs to undercover officers.

Stephanie Butler said her son, who was among those facing charges, has learned his lesson.

"They do things," she said. "They get up in their age and they do things, no matter how you raise them. A child sometimes do what they want to do."

Butler's son was one of nearly 20 teenagers sentenced by a juvenile court judge for selling drugs on or near Millington High School last month.

Attorney James Sanders represented nearly half of them. "I sincerely believe most of these children had no prior contacts, that they were in fact coming across a bump in the road for them," he said.

But the judge was not sympathetic. Most of the offenders, even those with no previous record, were taken from their parent's custody and placed in the custody of youth services.

The judge transferred cases to the adult system for anyone within a few months of turning 18 years old.

"I think the court's sending a message that the court's not gonna tolerate that," said Millington Police Department Chief Rick Jewell. "If the parents can't monitor their activities, and see what they're doing, then the court will.:

Butler said she's done what she can, and her son will have to take responsibility for his own actions as his case heads to the CJC. Still, she stands by him.

"A child is your everything," she said. "No matter what they do, that's your child."

Police officials say they're trying to keep these children from doing anything worse.

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