Triple shooting overnight at the Plush Club downtown

Hundreds of people were packed inside the Plush Club early Friday morning when someone fired a gun. According to employees, fallout from a feud between two local rap artists sparked the shooting, but police officials said they don't know who fired.

"The investigation is ongoing, but this one bullet managed to injure three people," said Sgt. Vince Higgins, spokesperson with the Memphis Police Department.

The event was a birthday celebration and CD release party for Memphis rapper Yo Gotti. Sources at the club said the shooting was the result of an ongoing feud between rapper Yo Gotti and another Memphis rapper named Miscellaneous. Sources say the disagreement is over a song both artists recorded called "Memphis Walk."

Police and patrons disagreed over exactly where it all went down.

Witnesses fearing gang retaliation told Action News 5 off camera that the shot was fired outside.

Sources said blood stains in front of the building were from a customer who cut her feet on broken glass while the crowed tried to exit in a hurry. Plush Club managers who got wind of the feud days ago said they considered canceling the event, but instead hired 35 security guards and used 4 metal detectors to screen the crowd.

They admit VIPs are often let in through a private entrance and aren't subject to the same security measures.