Number of open public pools to double this summer

Last year at his time, the public pool situation in the City of Memphis was a disaster. A fiscal crisis forced the city to delay the opening of all city pools until July, and then, only five opened.

This year, they've doubled that number to ten, and city officials pledge that pools will be open on time.

Pine Hill Pool sats padlocked Friday, the pool was empty, showing decades of wear. Unlike past years, the pool will remain closed. Down the street, neighborhood resident Jesse Nared said closing Pine Hill will hurt neighborhood kids.

"It's gonna be pretty hot, and that's all they have to do around here is swim in the summertime," he said.

Pine Hill pool is the only pool open last year that will not be open this year. Park officials said this year 10 pools will open and they'll open on time.

"This year we still have some personnel issues so we're only able to open 10," said Dr. Rita Dorsey of the Memphis Parks Commission, "That's still double what it was last year."

The outdoor pools will open Saturday, June 3rd, and will close August 5th. Memphis also operates three indoor pools that are open year round, like one at the Hickory Hill Community Center. Tom Lee Pool and Gooch pool will remain closed in 2006.

City leaders said they hope having twice as many pools open this year will turn into more kids will be keeping cool.