Party goers describe chaotic scene at the Plush Club

Partygoers described a chaotic scene at the Plush Club early Friday morning.

"The glass tables were broken everywhere, people were on the ground," said an eyewitness who would only share her first name, Toya.

Memphis Police say about 800 people were at rapper Yo Gotti's birthday and CD release party at Plush when someone started shooting.

Employees say an ongoing fued between Gotti and another Memphis Rapper, Miscellaneous, led to the gunfire, but one eyewitness says it started over a turf war.

"They were talking about neighborhoods like the Bay area and all that kind of stuff," Toya said.

Gotti's attorney, Arthur Horne, says the rapper had no involvement in the shooting.

"Yo Gotti's very dismayed at what happened the other night," he said. Horne adds that Gotti did not have a gun in his possession. "He doesn't condone that type of behavior and feels as though it was irresponsible, but does not have any control over what individuals do in that kind of setting," said Horne.

While Plush employees say the shooting happened in the parking lot, police and the witness say it happened inside.

"I saw a couple of guys arguing and they left and they came back in with guns. Security tried to stop them, but they rampaged security through the door," Toya explained.

Miscellaneous' manager said there was confusion after Gotti and Miscellaneous released songs by the same name called Memphis Walk. He says Miscellaneous released the song two years ago and Gotti recently released it. Miscellaneous' manager adds that the two rappers had a chance to talk for the first time at the Plush party and they resolved everything.

Gotti's attorney says the rapper is out of town on tour. Police are still looking for a suspect.