Firefighters and deputies react to Williams' verdict

The not guilty by reason if insanity ruling in the Fred Williams murder trial has a direct impact on the victims' extended family: fellow firefighters and sheriff's deputies.

Police say, after killing his wife, Stacey, and setting his house on fire, Williams killed firefighters Javier Lerma, William Blakemore and Sheriff's Deputy Rupert Peete, Jr. during a shooting rampage in March of 2000.

After the gavel dropped in Shelby County Criminal Court Monday, some firefighters expressed their sadness with the system. "They feel let down by the justice system," said Memphis Fire Association President Terry Oldham. As upholders of the law, sheriff's deputies have mixed reaction.

"The judge has made a decision. We have to respect that decision. Right now, our thoughts are with the Peete family and the firefighters' family," said Shelby County Sheriff's Association President, John Kramer.

However, Oldham and Kramer use the same words to describe emotions among the ranks.

"Today's decision not only disturbed me, it's disappointing," said Kramer.

"I've had some phone calls from personnel and people are disappointed, They're upset," said Oldham.

Kramer has one big concern.

"It's up to the courts. Hopefully, he'll never be released from the mental institution," he worried.

For now, Lerma, Blakemore and Peete are heavy on the hearts of all of their comrades in service.