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Radio caller claims to be Logan Young's son

The toxicology report for Alabama booster Logan Young is almost ready for release. His bizarre death was ruled accidental in April - when he fell down the stairs -- and hit his head. Now a man claiming to be Young's son is talking about the incident on the radio.

In nine American cities - including on 93x here in Memphis - radio listeners heard a phone exchange between a radio personality and a person claiming to be Logan Young the Third. The caller said he believed his father was drunk at his time of death. And he managed to convince the hosts - and many others - that he was legit.

Logan Young, III refused to talk with Memphis media about his father's strange death. But if the man who called Rover's Morning Glory radio show Monday morning was the former Alabama booster's son, then he must have changed his mind, chatting with the show's host about his father's house and much, much more.

"It's up for sale. Anybody wants it you can get it for 2.3," he said.

Rover, the show's host, told us from Chicago that the call was strange, but that it seemed legitimate. "He offered fifteen thousand dollars to take our news girl duji out on a date," he said. "The caller was obviously pretty inebriated to say the least and after we got off, I know that he did call back. The guy called and said that his lawyer had told him, was not happy that he had called in."

Read the exchange below. The caller - claiming to be Logan Young the Third - is talking about the father's death.

Rover: "What happened? He fell down the stairs?"

Caller: "Yeah, he fell down the stairs. He had a kidney transplant."

Rover: "He was drinking? Was he drunk?"

Caller: "Oh, I'm pretty sure he was."

Rover Co-host: "...the Medical... Everybody's waiting for the Medical Examiner's report."

Caller: "I'll be honest with you. It's already came through."

Young's lawyer, Leslie Ballin, told us he wasn't sure it was really the youngest Young. "If it was Little Logan, then yeah, I'm concerned. It doesn't need to happen. But that's a big if and I'm not sure that it was him at all."

Ballin says Logan Young, III has no comment about this whatsoever.

We called the Medical Examiner's office today. They tell us that the toxicology report on Logan Young, Jr. is - in fact - back. But that the doctor says it's not yet ready for release. We'll let you know what it says as soon as we get it.

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