Teens try to protect mother accused of stabbing them

A Memphis woman accused of stabbing her two teenage children had her bond reduced to $10,000 Tuesday.

Prosecutors said Sandra Walker got into a fight with another woman in her neighborhood Sunday night.  According to Walker's family, she was trying to protect her nine-year old son.

The Walkers said they're angry about the charges against Sandra Walker, and said the Department of Child Services has no reason to keep her children away from her.

"She ain't abusive," said Walker's daughter Donandra. "I was in the wrong place. I'm trying to help my momma get outta jail. She a good momma. Look at these. If you look at our house, we got a big old house. She do everything for us."

According to Donald Walker, his wife was rushing to help their youngest son when another woman in the neighborhood attacked her.

"They got into an altercation," he said. "An actual fight. She went home and got a knife, to protect herself I imagine."
The teens told Action News Five they were hurt when they tried to intervene, and that their mother was not trying to stab them.

"If she had hurt my children, I'd say prosecute her to the fullest of the law," Donald Walker said. "She was trying to protect her baby son. They was trying to protect their momma."
 Tuesday, they were still trying to protect her.